Sometimes as I walk down the long, winding path of consciousness
I find frustration as a result of all the knowledge that is without bliss
And start to think up solutions that could work.

I think that, maybe if they had not taken her,
Her rants would have long stopped.
The stage lights wouldn’t have turned to them and put their desperation on full display.

Maybe if they had left the dozen infants in their homes,
They wouldn’t have to spin a punctured short story titled; protection
As if the mothers who they’d left had invincible body guards.

Maybe if our male counterparts applied half the passion with which they’re defensive,
To defending women against their many trash ‘boys,’ brothers and sons
Then the label would never have surfaced in the first place.

Maybe if our timeline friends put effort into reading
They’d know that when you quote a line from your current read
You’re in fact sharing information and not showing off.

Maybe if our pastors actually understood the greatest book
They’d not have members of the flock hold umbrellas for them
While they walked through a little sun.

Maybe if God’s children knew that she was the sole judge
They’d unlearn their hatred towards other people’s sexualities
And concentrate on making the cut to heaven’s gates.

Maybe if the leadership at The Hill finally established a working system
They wouldn’t have to call the guardians of the teargas every quarter of the year
To discontinue organized chaos.

Maybe if I wasn’t so invested in learning, unlearning and changing
Instead of thinking up these solutions that might work,
I’d be enjoying a portion of that bliss that they speak of.