Night has fallen, my insomnia is on steroids and I’ve been confined to my room due to unavoidable responsibility.  What to do, what to do? Oh yes! That book I haven’t finished yet. I reach for the top of my stack of books on the dresser and prepare to jump out of bed to turn on the light. (Every month I say I’m going to buy a bedside reading lamp but hey, you know how it is – “times are hard.”) Anyway; as soon as my socked feet hit the harsh cold of the tiles, I remember, there’s a baby in my bed.

His tiny and thin eyelids won’t tolerate this fluorescence from the bulb and it’s just 10:34 pm. If I’m going to manage putting him back to sleep every time he wakes up I’d better save up some energy for later. So I humbly swing my feet back into bed and fall back on my pillow. *phone ringing* Now my life is so simpulified, my desire I ask and he replies.. *baby turns* damn Pompi! I love the sound of your voice any day or night but not this one. Also, why is somebody calling unexpectedly after 10 pm – on a night when there’s a baby in my bed?!

Thank God for Samsung’s feature that allows one to decline call with a message. *taps icon* -and of all options I accidentally tap, “I’m in a meeting…” message. Damn! So person will definitely think I didn’t want to speak to them and didn’t have the balls to just say that. I could almost hear them talking to self on the other end: “I’m in a meeting, really?! Where did you move to, New York?” I shall explain in the morning…or not because I bet person in question will read this.


I actually placed phone down and slept off a bit until it was time to feed. So now that “we’re” fed and back to sleep, I thought I’d add a paragraph here. While I type this, I realize how for granted we take phone apps. For example, WordPress for Android is the sole solver of my, as earlier mentioned insomniac self. Otherwise I’d be staring at a sleeping baby in my bed or the ceiling in the dark waiting for the next time when “we” have to feed and change. 

Sadly my battery seems to be draining by the minute at a moment when I’m trying to observe all the rules of safety in life for not so much myself, but for the baby in my bed – not using a smart phone while its battery is low being one of those rules. So long folks. Let me switch to full night time babysitter of my adorable nephew, who knows, I might acquire skills that I might need later in life.