A Curious Case
Of identity of a masked visitor
Who after an unusual Umeme technical glitch
Waited for night to fall
To walk past the guards into a prison 
Where a one “trouble maker” was kept.

A Curious Case
Of the worrying state of immorality in the nation
That prompted an immediate purchase of a porn detector machine
Months after a cancer radiotherapy machine broke down
After careful evaluation of priorities.

A Curious Case
Of a slow moving vehicle
That accidentally diverted into the direction
Of a man walking on the streetside
Knocking him and slowly getting back in lane
Before driving off.

A Curious Case
Of the money-mining livestock
An answer to the vicious cycle of poverty
That’s been until recently
The best kept secret.

A Curious Case
Of a sudden urgency
To develop infrastructure
That requires land owners
To immediately relinquish their fixed asset for building the nation
And seek possible compensation later.

A Curious Case
Of the masked street goons
Into whose actions an inquiry was immediately launched
By their very own.

It is a never ending curious case in this promised land.