If I had a blesser
For every Dubai trip they so wished to take me on
I’d have them pay for a wilderness camping trip to the Amazon instead.

If I had a blesser
I’d spare them the burden of buying me a car to drive in Kampala traffic filled and pothole infested streets
I’d ask them to hire a tourist jeep throughout the year
And pay a dedicated driver
To take me to a different town in the country every weekend.

If I had a blesser
I’d not take the weekly “pocket money”
I’d ask that they open a bank account for me for strictly adventure costs
And in there deposit it.

If I had a blesser
I’d ask them to spare me the regular 5 course meals at the Serena
I’d ask them to pay the resident chef of every city I went to so that they’d make me the specialty there.

If I had a blesser
I’d spare them the costly 400k Brazillian piece hair extensions
I’d only require that they give Papi 100k to show my locks some love every time I returned from a road trip.

If I had a blesser
I’d forfeit Saturday swimming at Mosa Courts
To abseil 1000 meters along the Tulega Falls in KwaZulu-Natal Province and after hike up the Tulega River Valley.

If only I had a blesser.