Happy 4th!

It’s 4th of July people! The ‘weekend’ is here. It’s only right and fitting that we celebrate this day. Forget that we’re Ugandans, who cares? So what our Independence is 2 months away? We went to school in the US ‘even.’ We’ll celebrate this day. If not for us then on behalf of our summer friends.

OMG! You know, our fav club on 1st Street might just throw a party, right? We gon’ hang with Good Brown and Zarinah might be in town too so yeah, bishes. #PoppingBottles! #Fireworks! I’m going to like snap all of it. My snap chap will be lit! It’s a celebration.

You know we’ll have to wear blue. That’s the dress code. If you get anything with an American flag, even better. We’re friends of the US, do you think it was easy claiming all those 13 colonies from England? Oh wait, we don’t know about that. Who cares anyway.

Never mind that there was a “miracle” hostage rescue situation on our soils which is why some of us in Entebbe might suffer unbearable traffic today. That’s a public holiday for us, the better. We’ll go to Nyondo club and also celebrate. We heard our neighbors in the 250 also celebrate liberation today but all we know is that it’s a celebration for our US friends and celebrate we shall. #Happy4th! #July4th #FriendsOfTheUS