Travel. Adventure. Explore.

In the seclusion of the wilderness, I find time to reflect on my life: decisions, dreams, aspirations…all without a usual forced pause induced by an interruption from a car horn or somebody calling my name or having to alight from a taxi. Here, my deliberations are uninterrupted, only re-echoed by birds twittering and the crickets chirping.

From the loud whispers of the pristine waterfalls, I find peace of mind, my greatest fantasies are fulfilled, my hopes restored, my heart grows fonder of those that I love and my spirits are lifted high up above the sky.

While on the road, with the car window half open and the sight of landmarks; shadows in the wind whooshing past my ears and taking all my pain and worries away with it, a strong resilience wells up in my soul and in the moment, I’m ready to start over away from failed cloudy life attempts to my future sunny days.

When in hitherto unknown surroundings, I soak my whole being into the sights and sounds, I allow my soul explore and be be freed with gratitude for this uniqueness that I won’t find elsewhere.

While on adventure, my strength and will I allow to be tested in action, my body I allow to ache and my muscles to be strained, but with every step and with each camera click, I conquer nonetheless…….

……and with every adventure conquered, a bucket list item is ticked off and in the place of a bad part of my life story, a beautiful memory is written.


Come with me.


“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton