‘Low’ and behold. It’s another day of sex/slut shaming in Museveni land and as usual, a womyn is taking the hit. As you might now already have found out through local tabloids and your social media accounts, celebrated local musician Angela Kalule’s private sexual video to her partner was leaked from her stolen mobile phone and sent to a sleazy Red Pepper spin off website which, no surprise, posted it on social media for the world to see, with a deceptive “bambi” caption. Uhmm, how about not bambi because no, you don’t feel sorry for that womyn and two, there’s nothing to feel sorry about because honestly; what’s new? Have you not ever seen an adult womyn’s nipple in your life? How then do you go about your ‘fornication?’ Or is it her declaration of the fact that she’s horny in the video that is so “shocking?” As if 9/10 people in this life haven’t texted and even declared to another person that they’re in fact horny…you know, the absolutely normal sexual arousal that EVERY healthy adult gets probably a gazillion times in their lifetime.

Now, of course, the most dormant social media users who could care less if this country was being sold to Russians all came out to suddenly engage in painfully mediocre humor and make a hash tag of a word this womyn used. Here’s the thing ladies and gentlemen; it is 2017, and you could either choose to mature now or it is never for you. Adults especially. Think about the fact that you’re making jokes about another person’s violated privacy and therefore encouraging continuity in the violation and disrespect of womyn. In 2017. Come on! But you’re to take to your Facebook page the next day complaining about how “Feminists of today have lost the plot because feminism is about equality of sexes and not war among sexes…” Really? How in feminist glory, pray do tell, are you ensuring the equality of sexes by encouraging people who continue to deliberately  violate the privacy of and shame one sex?
Some of you are in actual relationships with womyn who you’re probably conning into believing that you respect them. Do you really respect womyn? Some of you are fathers and mothers for pete’s sake! Is this the world you want your daughter to grow into? Because the reality is that what you encourage today is what your child is going to grow into. An then what? Will you blame the world for something you participated in building?

Listen, it is about time we checked ourselves and did better. I challenge you to be a better person today; if not for yourself, then for the generations to come. But also and more importantly, let’s grow up. Angela’s video is no different from your foreplay. All of you. Or your sexual encounters behind closed doors; I mean, if you do engage in coitus at all. The ONLY difference is that hers is on camera and now on a social media site where she never intended or permitted it to be in the first place. There shouldn’t be shame in that. And please stop with this; “why did she take the video” judgmental horse shit. What if we sent someone to stealthily install a camera in your 2 roomed suburb rental and had you filmed having sex, what would other people blame you for then? “Why did he/she have sex?” “Why didn’t he/she check her room for any cameras?” I mean, what? That you don’t film yourself or send sexual content doesn’t make you any better. Everybody does things differently and that should be fine if only we learn to respect each other.

Also, celebrities and friends as well as the good people who are condemning the violation of her privacy, good job but let’s not use language like “…such a respectable lady.” Stop. Whether it is Angela or Desire Luzinda; the girl in your University hostel to even your mother, every womyn’s privacy should be respected and that is the message that you should be preaching. By asking why they would do that to a “respectable lady,” you’re suggesting that maybe it is OK for other “less respectable” (whatever that means to you) womyn to be wronged.
Now, you can treat this as a angry rant, (of course I am angry at you) or you can let this week be the week for reflection and strive to be a better human being.