Long white robes,

Embroidered hats

Air of importance

We’re the chosen ones

God’s own.


Quite the honor

And all of you realize that

We shall lead you all

Into the kingdom of God.


Therefore, you’ll respect us

Politicians will gift us

Children will look up to us

Peasants shall bow for our blessing

Funerals we shall officiate

Because only us will lead all souls home.


In times of turmoil

We’ll call for calm to maintain peace

Our pajeros must be driven on roads

Clear of protesters

The people who graciously offered them

Must continue to prosper.


In the meantime

God’s message is clear

No sex education shall be availed our children

No homosexuality shall be allowed in our country

Thou shalt not take another life.


However when you flock get too vocal

Should your pens poke holes in our peace

And lead you into abduction

Then we shall be on off duty

Our lips glued by the holy spirit.