I want a good husband
A strong African man
A prayerful one too
Because one who finds a husband
Finds a good thing indeed.

I want a good husband
Handsome enough for me
But again not too handsome
Very handsome men are a problem
They can get uncontrollable.

I want a good husband
A submissive man
A hardworking career man
Who also takes care of our home like a man should
Cooks me a good meal when we both return from work.

He must know how to cook of course
A good traditional husband knows that
The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.
If he can’t cook, he’s not good for you
You’ll starve to death.

I want a good, mature husband
One who will persevere and hold on
He must not run back to his parents when I wrong him
He must be strong and stay
This is his home now.

He must not stress me, no
I don’t want a nagging husband
Otherwise he might force me to go to other men
I want a man who will build and support me
And take care of our kids, of course.

My husband must not go out and return home late
That’s disrespectful, makes me look bad
People might start to wonder who the wife in the home is
My girls might even revoke my woman card.

I want a good husband
An organized, clean, educated man
Intelligent and confident, but respects tradition
One who is humble enough to know his place
As MY husband.