You say it’s wrong
You say God doesn’t like it
Yes you. You fornicating sinner
Well, guess what else God doesn’t like?

You say they should not get near you
You say you hate those “faggots”
Yes, you holier-than-thou hateful Christian
You forget to revise your notes on most important commandment.

You say they’re spoiling your children
You say they should be arrested
But you sit back and laugh about gender-based violence
You say “those are their issues.”
You Foolish Galatian.

You say “Black Lives Matter”
You say, “Donald Trump is racist”
But you say, “If they were not “that way” they’d never have been shot”
That God was angry at them
You’re now God’s self-appointed spokesperson

You say it’s a blessing that THAT show got canceled
That your religion says it’s evil
Doesn’t your religion also say that watching pornography is evil?
Yet you have folders and folders of it.

You applaud the inhumane shootings
You say, “I’d kill them myself”
You’d kill?
You forget the 6th commandment my friend

You judge, judge and judge
You refuse to unlearn your rigid, mindless teachings
You forget to be tolerant and claim you do it for Jesus
The same Jesus who ate with tax collectors and let his feet be washed by a prostitute.

You say. You don’t think. At all.

You know what my problem with religion is? Man. Like anything that has the potential to be beautiful, man will turn it into something ugly.

-Raymond Reddington