These MPs are lazy and useless for not lifting a finger to do anything for their constituencies but a “good wife” must do all the house chores while I go out with the boys.

Media ban: It is appalling how oppressive this government has become but let’s insult, troll and grossly trivialize in the hope to silence every issue a feminist raises.

Mr. 1986 is at it again. This man begins every sentence with “In 1986…” even 30 years later! We need to actually progress as a country but on anything with regards to gender equality, he is happy to loudly announce that no one must try to change anything. Things have always been that way and they will never/must never change.

He is furious that the old man of the clan refuses to acknowledge and condemn the injustice in KB’s house arrest but is quick to type “feminists come and fight” when a one Leila is physically assaulted by her partner while he sits back and exclaims, “these chicks deserve to be beaten!”

These “Bey Hives” are crazy for listening to Lemonade but his ring tone is “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

#BlackLivesMatter. Yes they do. He jumps on the hash tag but feminism is a movement of sad, angry women without men to love them.


Kampala girls will only marry you for your money but mehn…I’m tired of the Rolex diet and yet I can’t cook, I  definitely need a wife.

I am nice to women so surely you can’t call me the M word. Ask all the females that I personally know. Among these are women he has to work with and others that he might want to get involved with. He wants to keep in their good graces so of course he puts on a show. That’s the “nice” he means.

He uses all his platforms to point out all the goverment’s injustices against the opposition. Each time he will express deep concern but with those same platforms, he makes a mockery of women who dare to speak against gender injustices.

He will say: you know, you’re an amazing woman but you carry THAT label. He is referring to feminism, a basic human rights cause, as if it were a venereal disease eating away at your awesomeness.

Uhmmm, *side eye*

You try to hard to be a man, he says in contempt. That you too demand, rightfully so, to be treated as his equal, or dare to act anything contrary to what a woman “should act like,” makes his insecurities shoot through the roof. He cannot begin to fathom a world where we are all equals.

It’s uncomfortable to think about because his human nature fears the unknown and would rather the status quo. He knows deep down that there is indeed a gender issue to be addressed, but he chooses to pretend believe that it is all perfectly normal.

He is selectively oblivious.