In a far, far away town

In a drastic turn of events

A man once the hunter

Became the prey

All the methods for which he was proxy

Were executed on him

The hunter once his confederate

Sought him with a vengeance

One reminiscent of the biblical Cain and Abel story

Only this time there was no God but rather a prize

A prize both of them wanted so much

And Cain would take out Abel in pursuit of the prize

Now Abel had become a King, impossible to reach

But he had subjects through whom one would go

Soon a subject was taken

Kept away in obscurity

So long Abel grew impatient

He and the others started an uproar

Cain feigned commiseration with them,

Joined the search for the subject

But alas! It was too late

The King’s subject was gone

It was too late

His shell lay there