Politicians at Funerals

I’m on my way back to Kampala from Mitooma. Just buried another one of my grandmothers. Those amazing women with whom I had beautiful friendships, the ones that raised my amazing folks, are both gone. I foresee those December journeys to the village not being as exciting anymore. This year alone I’ve been there twice for burials so I highly doubt anyone will want to go anyway. Life, right? When people see you crying and come to you to sympathize (bless those good people that mean so well), they always go with the, “be strong(s)” and the “she has rested(s)” and you want to listen but in the moment it just induces more sadness. Is it just me? Oh well, I am also kinda weird so there’s that.

So why am I here writing about this stuff (read: whining) anyway which that’s probably going to put me a sombre mood—- oh wait, my mood is already that, hehe.  Was scrolling up and down my Twitter timeline just minutes ago when I saw a rather interesting post by Bernard (@beewol) ,


and guess who writes and needs to express themselves now? So here we are. Good news is grandma indeed rested. Respectable ceremony, a mammoth crowd from all over the country came to pay their last respects and comfort the whole family. Everything was going great until one Member of Parliament who was handed the microphone spent almost an hour spewing propaganda.  On this note, before I even continue I’m going to ask my first ever “last wish” and here it is,  when I pass on, DO NOT give a Ugandan politician(unless they’re my family) the microphone to speak. Enough is enough. It has not happened once or just twice at burials I’ve been too, I’ve heard stories from other people as well. What kind of demon possesses one to stand at a burial and start by expressing their 2016 election wishes? Why are we so disrespectful? Why do we even allow these things to go on? I don’t care if you’re POTUS, if you’re at somebody’s burial, for once, think about their family, say a prayer, commiserate with them, do not open your selfish mouth and start shaming your political enemies or seeking a re-election. You have all the time in the world to do that during your political campaigns. Not even your big cheque of mabugo gives you the right. The next time I am at a burial and this happens (God forbid) I just might be infuriated enough to walk up to one of these people, grab the microphone from them and ask them to take a back seat. Please politicians, stop this. It is awfully disrespectful, it is utterly selfish and just not cool. OK? OK good people? Alright. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Stay Blessed. Stay Respectful.