Many a time I’ve been crucified for speaking my mind & labelled “so opinionated;” same people that say, “We like the truth…the truth will set you free” and other lies. I have come to realize that they have either failed to decipher the word in its true sense or everyone is suffering from advanced stage double standards. If the truth somehow goes against what they believe to be right, or if it is brutal, then it ceases to be “something you should have an opinion about.” The more disturbing bit is how they will tell you that some things should not be spoken about but go ahead and gossip in hushed tones about the same issue.

So are you telling me that not saying it to out loud but channeling it into the grape vine is the way to go?  I say you are a pathological gossip who has not the ‘balls’ to say exactly how you feel openly. That’s just what I think though and this is me not being afraid to tell you (no I’m not apologizing); but let’s get to why this vexing thought re-emerged in my mind.

Over the weekend there was a controversial topic on social media that generated cyber altercations (to simply call it a debate would be euphemism). Many had their different opinions and mostly with sound reasoning, then there were those that as usual just let it pass and don’t get me wrong, in as much as I may not believe in silence especially over issues such as the one that was raised, I know that they probably have their reasons for not speaking up.

What I find disturbing is how someone who had chosen to remain silent over a rather serious issue now suddenly had something to say concerning others’ decisions to speak out. You refuse to speak out but you also don’t want others to be speaking up? Should we all now let it pass? Also kindly and briefly please help me understand why it is okay for one to speak up about everything the government or police have done wrong(they do this all the time) but for some reason “unwise” to do so for an injustice committed by a few individuals. These are some the questions burning questions I had.

The motto of a school I went to read, “Be True” and I want to challenge you to think about it. Be true to yourself and to others, have the courage to speak the truth and be objective even when it hurts or may not be most convenient for you. Be brave enough to condemn and denounce any injurious behavior, not solely to find fault, but to advocate for behavioral reform especially so that our society will be a better place for even the defenseless. Channel the same energy you use to slam the police for their heinous acts into speaking up about incidences other than those you have watched during the 9 o’clock local news bulletin. Although if you disagree with anyone for doing so, speak up too and give your reasons, after all we each have individual minds and don’t have to agree on things all the time.

However, if you haven’t found the courage to do either, then kindly forever hold your peace. Do not be suddenly criticizing others for doing it because who knows, the victim could be you next time and since you have not the courage to speak up, you may need the bold ones to do it for you.
As I leave I will let you ponder the words of Desmond Tutu: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”


EDNA NINSIIMA ( @BeingEdna )